SOS International

The Challenge

An aging approach to digital and messaging

SOS International was in dire need of a responsive web presence that could scale along with the organization’s rapid rate of growth. They came to us with a dated site that had been built without their end user in mind. Without a user journey informing site messaging and design, they were missing out on incredible opportunities to broadcast impact stories that could grow their donor base.

To make matters worse, the SOS team didn’t have access to update the website themselves. They had to request changes through an agency. As a result, implementing changes and updates often took weeks instead of hours or moments—a virtual death sentence in today’s economy of speed and response. 

The Solution

A grassroots approach to immersive narrative and user-centered technology

We partnered with SOS International to rebuild their web presence from the ground up, applying a design-thinking approach to every aspect of the project.

From content strategy to technology choices to design, every decision was made to serve the end user. Informed by initial user journeys, we designed a unique storytelling approach that immerses users in the day-to-day challenges of living in poverty and compels them to take action.

The Result

An agile web presence built for conversion

Today, SOS International has a powerful web presence that instantly engages users and tells the SOS story in a compelling way. It showcases the worldwide problems they are solving and has inspired new giving—and repeat giving—through simple, user-friendly calls to action.

Informed by clear user journeys, the site articulates the mission and impact of the organization in a narrative-driven format, providing key touchpoints and opportunities for users to engage. 

Additionally, the site is designed responsively to feature new campaigns, messaging, and crisis care needs. Historic also equipped the SOS team with the web tools they need to make changes quickly and seamlessly.


“...Historic rebuilt our website by creating a user journey with a storytelling experience to share the heart of SOS...”

We are so thankful for finding Historic! Historic rebuilt our website by creating a user journey with a storytelling experience to share the heart of SOS in a compelling way. The entire website is user friendly on both the front and backend. Their team provided us with the tools to easily make changes throughout the website, and always provide a quick response and action steps on anything we send their way. Historic has been a great asset to our team! 

Hannah Weehunt
Director of Marketing & Communications