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Building trust with marginalized communities through messaging and design
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The Challenge

Maximizing the impact of grant funds to reach marginalized communities

In 2021, APCA won grant funding from CDC and HRSA (an agency of the U.S. Department of Health) to launch a marketing campaign to help Asian American communities build resiliency for dealing with Covid.

APCA sought to work with an agency uniquely skilled in integrating brand and culture into visual identity and messaging. Needing to overcome cultural, linguistic, and socioeconomic barriers and build trust among Arizona’s marginalized communities, APCA also wanted a partner with a deep understanding of Asian American cultures.

Moreover, they needed a highly creative and resourceful team able to design and launch the marketing campaign within tight time and budget constraints.

Working with Historic has amplified the work of our Phoenix-based nonprofit organization with a focused strategy and simple tools that have already increased our impact in the communities we serve....
Zeenat Hasan
APCA Executive Director

The Solution

Workshopping a unifying, community-centric, culturally informed message and visual identity

Historic started with an in-depth survey of APCA’s organizational culture, Arizona’s AA and NHPI communities, and the impacts of the pandemic on marginalized communities.

This deep understanding was carried forward into fast-moving, collaborative workshops to develop a unifying message and visual identity. Historic led the charge, providing strategic, marketing, and development support and execution both before, during, and after the campaign.

The Result

Increasing health equity among marginalized groups with culturally appropriate information

Historic’s focused, decisive strategy led to a unifying campaign designed to rally diverse communities to work together for a healthier future.

The project boosted APCA’s visibility, credibility, and impact among the AA and NHPI communities they serve, elevating the organization as the premier nonprofit serving Arizona’s fastest-growing communities.

Using compelling messaging, video, ads, art installations, website, editorial content, and more, the Historic team empowered APCA to increase health awareness, engage its audience, and help make culturally appropriate information more accessible to  Arizona’s marginalized groups.

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