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Developing a humanity-first messaging strategy for a sustainability-driven for-profit.
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The Challenge

Struggling to gain partners for world-changing sustainability

Renewvia’s groundbreaking work in Africa brings innovative solar panel and mini-grid installations to rural communities that lack access to national grids.

Through these efforts, Renewvia serves as a key partner in radically transforming lives in underserved communities, helping launch new small businesses, improving access to life-saving healthcare, increasing school attendance, and more.

Given its track record of success, Renewvia had government permission to expand to more communities in several African nations. But they were struggling to secure funding from key nonprofit and philanthropic partners who share Renewvia’s commitment to the human-impact side of solar work. While Renewvia had successfully raised traditional investment funds, they lacked the experience and messaging to reach nonprofit decision-makers.

Working with Historic was everything we needed it to be. Web projects for us in the past have been incredibly daunting–we’ve tried many solutions, which were always challenging and overwhelming. From the beginning, Historic was straightforward, communication was strong, the steps were attainable, and we ended up with a site we love. The design process was fun, collaborative, and efficient. We feel trained, equipped, and supported to maintain our new website from here on out.
Katelyn Deitz
Communications Director

The Solution

Messaging and positioning built to win hearts and minds

Beginning with a sprint-style workshop, Historic partnered with Renewvia to develop a comprehensive messaging toolbox—a framework designed to translate their values and mission into a message that better resonates with philanthropic and nonprofit leaders.

We also developed a campaign strategy, including visual assets and messaging, to equip Renewvia’s team to cultivate nonprofit partnerships that amplify impact across Africa.

Our expert-led nonprofit partnership training set up Renewvia to nurture new partnerships, grow their donor base, and raise more funds.

Renewvia Hero

The Result

Breaking through to new audiences and partners

Equipped with development training, tools, and a confident message that inspires action, Renewvia launched a successful campaign season. By cultivating new partnerships with prominent nonprofit leaders, Renewvia is delivering maximum sustainability impact with a humanity-first focus.

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