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How Historic helped multi-campus Generation Church design and launch a new website to attract more first-time visitors
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The Challenge

With outdated content, a difficult-to-navigate site map, and a distracting design, Generation Church’s website was failing to attract page visitors and convert them into engaged users. 

Nevertheless, Generation was growing and expanding. 

Anticipating the grand opening of their third campus, church leaders knew they needed to overhaul their website. More curious browsers would be visiting the site to learn about the upcoming campus. And to convert these users into first-time visitors, Generation’s website needed to not only inform but help people truly experience the organization’s mission.

The team at Historic is in a class of its own. We needed a new modern website that would stand out from other churches, and they delivered. Their unique sprint-style approach resulted in an amazing design that captured the essence and vision of our church.
Carlos Sandoval
Communications Director

The Solution

After assessing Generation Church’s existing and intended audiences, Historic Agency developed a site map and user flow that engages site visitors with the church’s mission while helping them find the information they seek.

We designed a content strategy that would drill into the purpose of each web page and its role in the user journey to create a more seamless and engaging digital experience.

The Result

Our team worked quickly and expertly to create content and functionality that engages visitors, helping them feel more connected to, known by, and involved in Generation Church. 

The web design process involved a full website build-out, including a style tile, custom-designed homepage, integrations, migration, and setting up the new site in WordPress. Our team of web experts coded and deployed the new web design as a responsive site that works seamlessly on different devices using various browsers.

The result: An engaging, beautifully designed site that converts curious browsers into first-time visitors and turns disengaged attendees into loyal partners.

In a local landscape saturated with churches vying for a market share, Generation Church’s new site showcases their unique brand promise and keeps it ahead of the competition.

Generation Church Web Design & UI

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