Fresh Life Church

How Historic increased digital engagement with a custom-designed, human-centered website

The Challenge

A confusing digital experience blocking ministry growth and impact

The Fresh Life team knew their website was failing to engage users. Its design felt chaotic, cluttered, and confusing. Buried information made it difficult for users to find what they were looking for and take their next step. 

Furthermore, because of the previous site build, the Fresh Life team had no ownership rights to their site and couldn’t access the backend to make their own updates in real time.

Several pages also had different branding. Adding to this inconsistency, some pages lacked a clear call to action while others overwhelmed the user with too many. 

This contributed to high exit rates and short session durations, blocking Fresh Life’s ability to build its audience, grow its ministry, and impact lives with the gospel.

The Solution

Designing a digital strategy to guide users from unknown to known

Based on Fresh Life Church’s current and intended audiences, Historic developed a user journey to inform everything from SEO, navigation, and content.

We collaborated with the Fresh Life team to design solutions to meet users needs, offer streamlined experiences, and guide them to take next steps toward deeper engagement.

The Result

A seamless, intuitive, and engaging digital experience 

From navigation to development, each page was designed to guide visitors to engage, find information, and experience the organization’s mission in a meaningful way. We also created customized digital discipleship recommendations featuring email automations and downloadable capture content.

Using our design sprint methodology, we collaborated with the Fresh Life team in a 4-day, live-design sprint to produce clean, welcoming, easy-to-navigate pages and templates.

We also trained the Fresh Life team to feel confident about making updates to the site—in real time and completely on their own. The result is a clean, welcoming, responsive site that elevates the organization’s brand and message.


“From start to finish, our experience with Historic and every person on their team was fantastic...”

Working with Historic was everything we needed it to be. Web projects for us in the past have been incredibly daunting–we’ve tried many solutions, which were always challenging and overwhelming. From the beginning, Historic was straightforward, communication was strong, the steps were attainable, and we ended up with a site we love. The design process was fun, collaborative, and efficient. We feel trained, equipped, and supported to maintain our new website from here on out.

Katelyn Deitz
Communications Director

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