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Overcoming barriers to growth by launching a brand strategy that scales.
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The Challenge

An outdated name and identity blocking growth

With nearly two decades of experience in Richmond’s East End neighborhood, Church Hill Activities and Tutoring (CHAT Richmond, rebranded as Rise Richmond) had a rich legacy of serving students and families.

Yet while their programs had scaled, their messaging failed to capture the full narrative of their work and win new donors.

Plus, with significant gentrification happening in Richmond’s historically Black neighborhoods, CHAT felt it imperative to name, emphasize, and celebrate the primarily Black students and families they serve.

We are so thankful for finding Historic! Historic rebuilt our website by creating a user journey with a storytelling experience to share the heart of SOS in a compelling way. The entire website is user friendly on both the front and backend. Their team provided us with the tools to easily make changes throughout the website, and always provide a quick response and action steps on anything we send their way. Historic has been a great asset to our team! 
Hannah Weehunt
Director of Marketing & Communications

The Solution

A strategy that champions Black students’ voice and ability

Historic partnered with CHAT RIchmond in a series of energizing workshops to develop a brand strategy and metanarrative with a clear, cohesive set of mission, values, and principles.

From this foundation, we guided the CHAT team through a series of sprint-style naming workshops, researching risk levels and available domains and social handles for each option.

With Rise Richmond chosen as CHAT’s new name, our team designed a fresh visual identity, a compelling messaging framework, and a complete web content strategy to support the launch of the new brand, reach new audiences, and engage more donors and volunteers.

The Result

Calling communities into equity and justice

Rise Richmond is on its way to becoming Richmond’s leading nonprofit advocating for equitable access to learning opportunities. Each program serves as a safe space where students can dream big, exceed their expectations, and pursue goals that once seemed out of reach.

With a clear messaging strategy that unifies each of its programs, Rise Richmond is nurturing and expanding a growing community of passionate, engaged volunteers and supporters.

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