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Less waste going into landfills and an improved resupply chain that makes waste extinct.
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The Challenge

Failing to attract interest in a stellar solution

While 74% of consumers believe recycling is important, most people feel confused about what’s actually recyclable. They’re frustrated by corporate greenwashing and annoyed when they find out that many recyclables end up in landfills.

Omnivor is a data-driven tech company that seeks to make waste extinct through traceable resupply chains… by revolutionizing an outdated, ineffective post-consumer waste management industry through traceable resupply chains.

The Omnivor team had a winning product. Their app-based solution—a gamified sorting experience for consumers—had already been piloted. They had conceptualized on-demand recycling pickup to help companies resupply their packaging and equip cities to track diversion from landfills.

But having failed to attract interest from potential investors, they couldn’t develop the app or scale the program.

We are so thankful for finding Historic! Historic rebuilt our website by creating a user journey with a storytelling experience to share the heart of SOS in a compelling way. The entire website is user friendly on both the front and backend. Their team provided us with the tools to easily make changes throughout the website, and always provide a quick response and action steps on anything we send their way. Historic has been a great asset to our team! 
Hannah Weehunt
Director of Marketing & Communications

The Solution

A message and design prototype that empowers the people

Historic partnered with Omnivor to develop a messaging strategy, concepts, and a UI prototype to pitch to potential investors and partners.

Through our proprietary sprint-style workshops, we developed a messaging framework that not only aligns with the Omnivor brand but also distills a complex, confusing topic into simple terms that inform and inspire action.

Additionally, we facilitated a user- interface sprint that resulted in a multi-screen prototype for a conceptual app that gamifies recycling while also informing, empowering, and incentivizing consumers to purchase sustainably and reduce waste.

The Result

A UI prototype that captures the confidence of Omnivor’s first funders

With a new, attention-grabbing messaging strategy and a prototyped app, Omnivor relaunched their fundraising efforts. They quickly secured their first round of funding for their tech-based platform that makes waste management more traceable, organized, and consumer friendly. The result is less waste going into landfills and an improved resupply chain that makes waste extinct.

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