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Project / Evangel

Translating a church’s vision for the future into a new brand and visual design system.
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Growing rapidly with a need for a new facility, Evangel needed help translating their vision for the future into viable assets for their new building. Historic walked Evangel through our brand strategy process and facilitated a rebrand in conjunction with a building campaign. The end result was a new, cohesive brand and visual design system that connected the physical environments with the church’s visual identity.

It was a pleasure working with you and you’ve done some great work for CityTeam from the identity to look/feel to tagline and annual report. It has definitely put a fresh face on the ministry and helped us re-energize the brand with all our new programs and growth. I hope our paths will cross again in some capacity.​
Lisa Flattery
Vice President of Marketing, CityTeam
Evangel Design System - Church Branding

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