Your culture is the loudest expression of your brand.

Your organizational culture determines how your employees act, the decisions they make, and the quality of their work.

Your employees, in turn, broadcast your brand by providing customer experiences that either ring true to your promise—or disintegrate it.

That’s why brand and culture alignment is critical to improving employee performance and making you stand out from the competition.

How Organizational Culture Affects Employee Performance

When done right, your culture makes a big statement about who you are and what your audience can expect from you. 

Imagine having a culture that can:

  • Equip your staff to consistently deliver on your brand promise.
  • Turn your employees into your greatest brand advocates by helping them feel more deeply engaged.
  • Align your internal systems and structures to serve and empower the people they’re designed to support.
  • Create customer experiences that energize your team and reinforce what’s most important about your brand.
  • Turn your organization’s differentiated ways of doing things into second nature for anyone at any level of your organization.

This type of internal company culture is what separates a brand from the rest. 

It attracts tribes of followers inside and out—not only because the brand delivers on its promise, but also because everything the organization does comes together to create an irresistible experience for both employees and customers.

The Marquee Culture Method for Brand and Culture Alignment

A Marquee Culture does just that. It aligns brand and culture inside and out to turn employees and customers into such brilliant brand advocates that you end up spending less on advertising.

Like a brightly lit sign announcing what your brand stands for, a Marquee Culture showcases who you are, what you do, and what customers can expect from you. It’s intentionally designed to stand out, make a huge promise, and offer something big to draw people in. 

The Marquee Culture method integrates your brand into everything you do. It aligns every layer of your organizational culture to help your people live out the brand and deliver something great. It transforms your internal company culture to showcase who you are and ensure your brand makes a huge promise, attracts more customers, and gives you a competitive edge.

Outpace the Competition, One Layer of Culture at a Time

The Marquee Culture method works by infusing your brand into six distinct yet interconnected layers of your company culture.


Start out by crafting your Principles. To identify your Principles, dive deep into your core values and connect them to specific employee behaviors that differentiate your brand from your competitors.


The next layer of culture is Architecture, your internal systems and structures such as budgets, accounting software, hiring practices, benefits packages, and more. Align your systems and structures to reflect your brand, and you’ll support your staff to do amazing work.

Architecture is by far the thickest layer of culture. But every step you take to infuse your brand into your systems and structures will pay off with a more engaged and efficient workforce that stays ahead of the pack.


Rituals help bring your brand to life by giving your staff opportunities to engage with your values and express what your brand stands for. Create brand-building experiences that reinforce what’s most important in your organization while creating a sense of joy and energy.


Lore is the canon of stories (the good, the bad, and the mundane) that circulate inside your company. Keep an eye out for negative Lore, and cultivate brand-positive Lore by listening to your people and fostering a culture that reflects your brand


Vocabulary involves the brand-building words and phrases that help your team understand the key concepts driving your brand. Be sure to curate a Vocabulary that keeps your people focused on moving your brand forward.


The final layer of culture is Artifacts, the physical spaces and tangible objects that people can see, feel, and touch to engage with your brand. Customize your Artifacts and create intentionally designed swag that resonates with your employees and reinforces your brand. 

Every action you take to integrate your brand into the layers of your culture makes a difference!

Building a Marquee Culture takes work. But the potential payoff in increased employee engagement, accelerated performance, customer loyalty, and brand differentiation is well worth the effort.

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